"Esmaralda" Painting by Drew Gentle

The Story: Born semi-feral, deep in the Ozark’s Boston mountains; fathered by a wandering American Indian shaman, & having lost her mother at her birth, she existed in the woods, living with wild life seemingly most of her early years.  The mountain people who attempted to parent her called her “yip” as a child, because for quite a while that’s all she ever said . . . Later as an adolescent, she was unfortunately exposed to “meth” use, but fortunately that experience exposed her to another way of being . . . another possible life .  Now as a young adult, she’s trying to “catch up” & live a normal life . . . or so she says.  She’s quite secretive, you see, but I know a little . . .A bit of a witch, I think, & so totally in tune & at home with the rhythms & morality of both “fauna” & “flora” of her native woods . . .she knows things that you just wouldn’t believe!  

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Medium: Oil on Wood Panel
Dimensions: 60" x 48"
June/July 2013


Artist Notes:
"Esmaralda" has sold, but a very limited edition of acid-free, archival paper prints are available. Inquire.

* All Drew Gentle Paintings are hand signed on the back of his canvas or wood panel.

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